Curved Air, The Big Top, IW Festival 2008

The voice of Sonja Kristina does strange things to men of a certain age. It caresses the nape of the neck with velvet fingertips, and walks up and down the spine in six-inch stilettos. The appearance of Sonja and the original line-up of 1969-formed band Curved Air at the Big Top venue of the Isle of Wight Festival was a must-see event and made the whole day for me after a less than impressive show by The Wombats on the main stage.

Sonja Kristina’s voice is still strong and keen, Darryl Way’s electric violin a magical driving force; the two together are distinctive and unfaded hallmarks of Curved Air’s sound. Younger festival goers should have made an effort to hear it, but as it was the venue was full of older and greyer people than I.

Footnote: Later member of Curved Air, Stewart Copeland, performs with Sunday’s headliners and festival closing act The Police.

More pictures:

Curved Air:


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