The Saturday Festival Banana

Inflatable Banana, IW Festival 2008

Late to bed thanks to The Australian Pink Floyd, and late to rise means no report as such this morning, just a brief picture of hula hula girls with an inflatable banana (lucky old Dom Skelton I say….)

Festival stats for the day: Cigarettes 0, Units of Alcohol 8 plus unknown whiskies, Food: Purple Haze (non-dairy) from the Smooth Criminals; Lamb Tagine from IW-producer Dunsbury Lamb; Smokey BBQ burger from Fine Burger Co; green chicken curry and peppers, yellow chickpea curry and minted bean salad from Thai stall. Bands liked: Kosmik Debris, The Zutons, The Sugababes, The Australian Pink Floyd Show. Show underperformers (old and wrinkly class): The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop & the Stooges. Surprise like of day: Laura Critchley.

Kosmik Debris:

Laura Critchley:

The Australian Pink Floyd Show:


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