Arcadian Kicks, IW Festival, 15 June

Arcadian Kicks won the toss-up on the Sunday with Scouting For Girls, who were performing on the main stage at the same time. It’s about the only time during the festival that I’ve wanted to be in two places at once, and I decided to give the unknowns in the Big Top a try.

Festival acts can broadly be categorised into wrinkly old men (Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols, the Police), bands that produce an avalance of sound (the heavy metal merchants), and interchangeable indie bands that produce indie-band noise that is sometimes recognisable (The Enemy, The Kooks and so on). Arcadian Kicks, thank goodness, is in none of the three, and produces distinctive songs that are identifiably different. Although all five members are only 18, the female lead vocalist has a striking voice and is quite something to listen to. A clear voice and recognisable tunes? Not the trend, but welcome.

Band associates handed out CDs, badges and flyers during the performance, and in short did more than most to promote band awareness. The only band I have so far revisited on Myspace.

You can hear Arcadian Kicks for yourself at


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