Well, back to the old drawing board…

Marvin the Martian can cope with failure and so can I. I was doing swimmingly on today’s test until the very last minutes when I fluffed parallel parking by nudging the kerb three times. Until then I had nine minor faults.

Unfortunately, the fluster factor took over. Nudging the kerb once is retrievable, but I couldn’t think clearly enough to recover from it (doubtless it would have been less of an issue in a non-test situation). I should have just started again, but instead tried to correct the distances involved and just ended up repeating the error, getting more flustered. It’s that catastrophic moment when someone adds water to a jar of instant Martians.

I was possibly unsettled by the fact that it was a drop kerb, which is hard to see in the mirror, and the fact that the vehicle I was initially parallel to was a white Transit, which instantly blots out what is happening on the pavement as far as potential pedestrian hazards go. An hour earlier with P. I had managed several parallel parking exercises with no problems, though it is probably my weakest manoeuvre, and the night before with C. I’d done it in the dark with nothing to guide me.

Until that moment I was perfectly calm and confident. And was immediately after I knew I’d failed. I know I can pass this test, but alas my next attempt has to wait until 21 April because there are no clear slots until that date. Bother.


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