The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan is run by Ian Marsh.

My first website was named The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan, and it largely covered adventuring in Professor M A R Barker’s Tekumel. Because it was in the days before blogs, it was a pain to run.
Orun hi Kharsan, best described as Moriarty’s good twin, was and is my most rewarding role-playing character to date; Tekumel was also one of the most involving game backgrounds I have played in. The other memorable one was Pete Tamlyn’s Golden Heroes campaign, in which I played the serially unlucky Kaleidoscope. You can expect that roleplaying, games and wargames may well feature in this blog.

The original Strange Worlds carried a spookily accurate but entirely made-up astrology system: it seemed so uncannily good that I stopped it. I do not intent applying it to real life again.

Way back in 1991 Virgin published my Doctor Who roleplaying game, Time Lord, co-written by Peter Darvill-Evans (he wrote the chrome, I wrote the rules and background). I have a soft spot for Doctor Who as a result.


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