Pairing problems: BT Youview Ultra HD box and LG Magic Remote

I succumbed to a new LG smart TV this week, which is a vast improvement visually on the steam-powered one that has served for 10 or more years. It was quite easy to set up apart from one major issue: getting the LG Magic Remote to pair with a BT Youview Ultra HD set-top box. The internet really wasn’t much help other than acknowledging this is an issue, but I sorted it within a day.

I first enabled HDMI-CEC on the LG TV (or SimpLink as LG calls it, located in the general settings). I’m not sure whether this is actually needed, but it happened as part of the general attempt to solve the problem after reading about it on the internet. I also reasoned it would help with linking to my Blu-ray player.

Then the trick, rather than selecting BT as the service provider box in the connections settings for the LG TV, is to instead choose not in the list and then Humax from the list that follows (the box itself is made by Humax). In the following button-testing screen for the remote options, “remote option 1” then worked fine.

The downside is that the Magic Remote does not have obvious play, stop and skip buttons, so it’s easier using the BT remote to control video or to pause live TV. And I find it easier to use the specific remotes to turn on devices rather than going through the connections menu. But that may just be an issue of habit.